Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I remembered this movie shortly after I posted the previous entry. It's been ages since I last watched it, but here's my imperfect--and very long-winded--recollection: Babita is set to marry Rajesh Khanna but gets ditched at the altar because the dowry her father was going to pay got stolen by Nazima's father so that he could pay her groom's(Prem Chopra) family. Babita's father is shamed and abandons her and her mother. She and her mom move to another place. Meanwhile, Prem goes abroad, learns the evil American ways, and when he returns, he acts like a shithead towards his parents and Nazima. He fixes his eye on Babita, who is his secretary. I think she wanted to get even with Rajesh Khanna who she meets when her bike gets a flat tire. Rajesh doesn't know she's his would've-been wife because her face was concealed during the short-lived wedding ceremony. Prem throws Nazima and her father and her sister out of the house, they live with Babita, who comes up with a plan to reunite Nazima and Prem. Blah, blah, blah, in the end, Prem learns from his mistakes and becomes the model son once more, Babita and Rajesh get together, Babita is reunited with her father(who was disguised and working as a driver), and Nazima's father 'fesses up to stealing the money. Not exactly in that order, of course. And I'm sure I left out a lot, but whatever.

**deep breath**

Babita looked so groovy in that late sixties way. It was hard to get decent caps, though :( The picture quality was crap, as you can see.

I got carried away while making these caps. For some reason, Babita's lips brought to mind Dev D's Kalki Koechlin. Plus, she's a near-xerox of the early nineties version of her oldest daughter, Karishma, particularly in the next to last cap. (Although, in the fourth cap, I think she sorta resembles Kareena.)

Overall, I found it to be OTT and heavy-handed, but still a not-bad timepass. My advice would be to watch with an empty mind and a high tolerance for melodrama.

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