Thursday, May 28, 2009

EK Hasina Do Diwane(1972)

I remember most of Babita's awesomely bad fashions and major wig-age, but not much else, mainly because I watched only the first hour, with a bit of fast-forwarding through the songs(I didn't think they were awful, just a little too long). I could use the back of the DVD box as a cheat sheet, but I'll rely on my faulty brain and say that, in a nutshell, Jeetendra and Babita get married, have a falling out after which Babita leaves him, but returns and pretends they're still together for the sake of Jeetendra's mother. Feel free to correct and/or fill-in-the-blanks because really, this entry is just an excuse for boredom-induced silliness and screencappery.

One word: pointy

Dig those polka-dots!

So pretty!

I kinda get a Hema vibe from this one

Just wait 'til you see the rest of her ensemble:

It's ALL about the ruffles!

"Think. PINK!"[/Bobby Trendy]

No, I won't quote that "Single Ladies" song

She does the pouty, brooding look so well

Getting another Hema vibe

She has a great 3/4(?) profile

My favorite color. (Nice wig, btw.)

More pretty, with crying!

Vinod Khanna is also in this. I was going to post the caps I made of him, but I decided I wanted this entry to be almost completely 'Bita-centric.


Nicki said...

OMG, I love the fashion!

lapetitediva said...

Yes! The ladies' fashions--captured in glorious Eastman Color--are about the only reason I'm interested in the late 60s and early 70s films :) I just want to admire the clothes and outrageous wigs.

mashrafi9 said...

How can watch that movie please?

lapetitediva said...

mashrafi9, you can't watch the movie on this blog; all I have are screen caps, no actual films, nor do I have links to where you can watch movies online.