Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The original Wiki entry claimed that this movie ran for only 12 days. The number was later changed to 22. Now it simply states, "The film grossed $536,100". I wasn't at any of the theatres on the day this opened, but I'm inclined to believe the "it ran for 12 days" version. I can't imagine this running long enough to gross $100, let alone $536,100.

Having said that, I liked the movie--or rather, I liked the chemistry between Ajith and Rambha. Had Ajith been paired with a heroine I didn't particularly care for(e.g. Kadhal Mannan), it would've been even more of a struggle to sit through this. It's not a bad movie--well, it is, but it's watchably bad(for me, anyhow) and again, it's due to the Ajith-Rambha combo.

My man Prakash Raj looked like a throwback to the sixties with that unflattering wig. I don't know if it was supposed to make him appear younger or let the audience know that he was the bad guy. I should've made a cap or two. Speaking of which...

A few caps of three of the songs(which are good, btw. I especially like "Yenadi Yenadi" and "Kadhalin Desam"). I may add more caps later, if I remember.

Aside: I remembered. This post is quite image-heavy. Not for the impatient or those on dial-up.

"Thendral Thendral":

When I made this cap, I immediately thought
of the Sadma LP cover

I wish I were this flexible. Seriously.

"Yenadi Yenadi":

I love ya, Ajit, but I wish I could've
handed you a bottle of Proactiv®

"Kadhalin Desam":

YouTube links to the other songs: "Ennai Thaedatho" "Ennachchu" "Poo Maalai"

ETA: Prakash Raj's wig:

Rambha going in for the...kiss?

Darn! Missed!

Not to be deterred:

More smoochy...forehead:

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