Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just happened to click on Nehaflix's "New on DVD" section and saw this listed. Neelam made her debut in this movie. According to Neelam's Wiki entry, it was a flop. However, the plot sounds like the kind of mess-ocity that I would enjoy watching, so I'll most likely order it. Plus, I think Neelam's cute and I'd like to check out some of her films.

Here's the "Tu Rootha To Main" song on YouTube, and a link to the other songs in the movie.


Nicki said...

Thanks for posting this! I've been waiting for it on dvd. Hope it has subs. Got to order soon!

Nicki said...

Guess what I did girl. I just ordered it from Nehaflix. Plus I was right in time for the Free Shipping. :) Thanks!!!

lapetitediva said...

LOL! No problem! I believe this was one of the movies you posted about in your blog and you were wondering whether or not it would get a DVD release, right?

Oh, and I ordered it, too :) But I had to use the 10% off coupon instead of the free shipping one. I WOULD like to use that one day, if only I could find over $30 worth of DVDs that I really, really wanted to watch.