Thursday, May 28, 2009


My love for Sri was solidified after one viewing of this movie. She made this film. She was Chandni. And her outfits and eye makeup were to die for. I just wish her name had appeared first in the opening credits and that she lived happily ever after with Vinod Khanna instead of Rishi Kapoor. And the running time could've been chopped by a half-hour, at least. But other than that, I felt it was the perfect overly melodramatic, terribly clich├ęd poor-girl-loves-rich-boy story.

If my bad memory serves me correctly, Rekha was the first choice for the lead. I say "Non." I have nothing anything against Madame R., I just can't see her as the title character. My judgment could be totally clouded, of course, but I don't care. I'm Team Sri all the way :)

A few of the many caps I made a while back. I felt these were among the best of the bunch:


Nicki said...

This movie is awesome! It's one of Hmong people's faves

lapetitediva said...

It's one of Hmong people's favesReally? Wow! :) I know you mentioned one of--I think--Poonam Dhillon's movies as being among Hmong people's faves, along with another movie--Ahista Ahista, maybe?--but I had no idea Chandni was on that list as well :)