Thursday, June 11, 2009


Is Villain equally or more self-aggrandizing than some of Ajith's other movies? Hmmmm...I lean towards "more", but I think I'll have to watch ALL of his films before I can give a definite answer ;) Ha, ha. I'm not really serious. Yeah, it was a wee bit eyeroll-worthy at times, but for the most part, I was amused by Ajith's frequent winking at the camera, the bus stop antics of his female stans, and the "Everybody wants to be mine/Everybody thinks I'm so fine" in the "Hello, Hello" song. And, as a bit of a stan myself, I found him quite hot and sexy, even with the undereye bags and tummy bulge.

Ajith plays twin brothers, Shiva and Vishnu. Shiva is a bus conductor who moonlights as one of those noble thieves who steal from shady rich folks in order to help the unfortunate. In this case, the recipients of the stolen loot are the physically handicapped, one of whom is his sibling Vishnu. The flashback episode reveals how Vishnu became disabled, but I purposely skipped past it because I had a feeling it was similar to the one in Aalavandhan(i.e. necessary, but overly long).

Meena and Kiran Rathod were on hand to provide glamour and warm bodies for the duets. I thought Meena, in spite of her overly made-up appearance, was the prettier of the two. I wish Ajith had chose her instead of Kiran, especially since he and Meena appeared to have better chemistry in this flick than in Anandha Poongatrae. I wish I could've gotten some decent caps of Meena, but none of the ones I managed to grab were post-worthy :(

Speaking of caps:

Product placement

Winkedy, wink, wink

Oh hai, guess whose birthday?

I'm the one in white. (Just kidding :P)

Phallic symbolism, anyone?

**sigh** If only.

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