Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hum Bhi Insaan Hain(1989)

I am in love with the "Yaar Tera" song. It is so beautiful. The picturisation makes me feel strangely sad and nostalgic. I also get a sense of déjà vu while watching it, like I've seen/heard a similar song in another movie, but I can't remember the name of either the song or the film.

I also like "Jab Ladka Sharmayega". Neelam is such a cutie. And she can look sensuous, too, as evidenced in the "Baadal Hain Barsaate Hain" song. I adore this girl. She's one of my latest obsessions :)

I haven't watched the entire movie, I've just been jumping around to certain parts. But I liked the aforementioned songs so much, I wanted to do a brief post about them.

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