Friday, June 26, 2009

Prema Katha(1999)

Or, "The Things You Discover When You're Looking For Something Totally Different".

I was trying to find songs and/or scenes from Miss Julie Prema Katha, the Telugu remake of the Malayalam film Chattakari(see previous post) and stumbled across songs from this movie. As soon as I saw the words "Antara Mali", I figured this must be the Telugu flick that was mentioned in an old online article about her. What's more, right at the 1:17 mark of "Nee Kosam Nireekshana" I thought, "Hey, I've seen that expression before!" It turns out that shot was used for the cover of the DVD, which is currently in stock. I may order it since it's only $4.99.

Another song: "Devudu Karunisthadani". She appears heavier compared to the lean, toned physique she had in Road and Naach. And the thick makeup and colored lenses don't really suit her.

A mostly instrumental tune until 2:50. Antara's dubbing artist sounds familiar. I think she's dubbed for Jyothika and maybe Ileana, and quite possibly for Trisha and/or Asin.

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