Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kasam Kali Ki(1991)

As soon as I spied Anita Raj on the cover I immediately hopped on Google to find additional information about this film. Unfortunately, I can't find anything. Not a plot summary, not a review, not a YouTube video, nothing. It must've slipped way under the radar when it was released to be such a non-entity on the 'net. I have a feeling this is one of those movies that sat on the shelf for years before it finally--and very briefly--saw the light of day.

I sort of want to order it just for the slapdash cover art and multilingual subtitles, but I'm afraid that I'll wind up disappointed with my purchase :(

I wonder if the song I watched last night is from this film since it features three of the people on the cover(Anita, Raj Babbar, and Shakti Kapoor).

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