Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I think I liked Vaanmathi(Swathi) better when she was being bitchy and playing pranks on Krishna(Ajith). Even though I'm used to heroines doing an about-face after the hero rescues them from imminent danger(in this instance, getting molested by goons), for reasons unknown, I found Vaanmathi's 180° turn a bit of a let-down. While she did retain some of her feistiness, like here:

And here:

For the most part, she was like this:

Except when dealing with her mother who, of course, was opposed to the union but not suprisingly, also had a change of heart in the end.

Aside from that, I liked the movie. It's the kind of mindless, predictable fare that's usually in constant rotation in my DVD player. And, it has AJITH, who made me squeal in delight when he did this(as well as a few other things, haha):

Even with the standard poofy hair and moustache, I think Ajith SO CHOOTE!

Unrelated: Can I tell you how disappointed I am that Pavithra isn't in stock? Ajith looked so young and cute in that film, I seriously wished I were the actress playing his girlfriend. (Cuteness. More cuteness. Even more cute.) And, on a non-shallow note, I thought it was a good movie, aside from Vadivelu's "comedy" that I wished I'd had the power to remove. **sigh, eye roll**

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