Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kaun? Kaise?(1983)

I stumbled across this title while trying to figure out which movie this song is from(and if anyone reading this knows, please tell).

I want to see this solely for the awesome picturisations of the "Main Bhi Hoon Yahan", "Kyon Kaise Hua", and "Main Akela Aur Dilber" songs. I read here that it was a flop, but that doesn't deter me. While I'm not a Mithun fan, I figure watching him play a detective trying to solve a murder could be entertaining in a "so-bad-it's-good" kind of way. And Anita Raj looks so gorgeous in the first song that I seriously want to weep. Oh, how I long for the early eighties! Anyway...

The VCD is available from Induna. One day, I might have to actually place an order with them, seeing how they seem to have a decent selection of older Hindi films on VCD.

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