Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TPP: Kanthaswamy audio.

A few months ago, behindwoods.com had a "guess the plot of Kanthaswamy" contest and I was one of the I-forget-how-many people selected to receive a free copy of the soundtrack, which arrived in my mailbox today. I haven't listened to it yet, but I thought I'd brag a bit since I rarely win anything. If I weren't so lazy, I'd snap a couple of pictures and upload them. In lieu of images, I'll share my hastily-typed synopsis:
"My guess is that the story is similiar to 'Batman' in that Vikram is a suave millionaire by day and a crimefighter at night. Shriya is his ladylove who doesn't know right away that the guy she loves and the crimefighter are one and the same--not at first, anyway. I'm sure there's a Big Bad Villian somewhere in the story and Vikram dons all those other disguises to throw him off the trail of Kanthaswamy. Big showdown between Kanthaswamy and villian at the end. Kanthaswamy wins. The end. (Oh, and there's probably some do-gooder moral in the story somewhere, helping the poor and downtrodden.)"

I thought my reply was cringe-worthy but I clicked "send" anyway and figured, "What the hell?" Imagine my suprise when, last month, I got an email from the behindwoods team asking for my mailing address. Wow. Go, me.

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