Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out of Control(2003)

I used to compulsively watch this movie when I first got it a couple of years ago. I haven't viewed it in a while, so certain plot details have escaped my memory, but I do recall the following: Ritesh Deshmukh plays Jimmy, a Punjabi immigrant working as a cab driver in New York. He meets an aspiring singer and Bollywood fan named Sally(Brande Roderick). His visa is about to expire, and he can't find a US sponsor, so he's going to have to leave the country. Sally suggests that the two of them get married so that he can remain in America. He's reluctant at first but eventually agrees. Everything is fine until he returns home(I forget why) and his family gets him married to a local girl, Richa(Hrishitaa Bhatt). When Jimmy's father and Indian bride come to New York, that's when things get really "out of control"(hahaha). Jimmy goes crazy, figuratively speaking, trying to lead a double life and not get caught. In the end--**SPOILER ALERT**--Sally gives up Jimmy so that he can stay married to Richa.

Initially, I was prepared to hate Brande, but she came across as so sweet and harmless that I couldn't help but like her. Her acting was kind of awful, and her "Hinglish", while cute, was grating; still, I felt she was a better choice than Pam Anderson who, supposedly, was the producers' first pick. I wouldn't have minded if Brande and Ritesh had remained together at the end. I never thought I would say that about a gori leading lady, but there ya go. And here's another rarity: I found Brande hot enough to be one of the few tow-headed exceptions to my "brunettes only" meme.

I would describe Out of Control as "pretty good, in a hilariously bad way". It's available from Nehaflix for $12, but I recommend waiting until it gets marked down to $7 or less.

There were four or five songs, I believe, but only two were memorable: "USA Vich LA" and "Tera Chandsa Ye Chehra".

Perhaps I should revisit this flick later tonight, Y/N?

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