Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Tamil remake of Telugu Bhadra. It's the only Simbu movie I don't own(although, I like to pretend that I never purchased Kovil). I've held off on buying it for the longest time because 1) I can't stand Vivek and 2) I don't like Simbu and Jyothika as an on-screen pair. I like them separately, but not together. In spite of that, however, I still sorta want to see this because of a rumor I read a while back on a now-forgotten forum. Allegedly, Simbu "sexually tortured" Jyothika during the filming of Manmathan and because of that, she didn't want to work with him again. She agreed to do Saravana only as a favor to the director. (For whatever reason(s), I can believe that.) I'm always intrigued whenever I hear or read about actors not getting along on-set, especially if I've watched the movie and didn't sense any animosity or discomfort between them.

I did a quick scan of some YouTube clips and from what I could see, although Simbu and Jyothika appeared in scenes together, there seemed to be--for lack of a better term--a professional distance between them. Even when they touched, I got a "Just doing our jobs" vibe. Perhaps I'm reading too much into the situation, but that's how it appeared to me. **shrug** Maybe one day I'll have to watch the uploaded parts to get a better assessment.


filmizest said...

Sexually tortured? what does that mean? Horrible images in my head. I haven't heard this rumour before. Anyway I like both actors too even if I get dirty looks for liking Simbhu.

lapetitediva said...

Those were the words the poster used. I read it as "sexually harrassed". I think he/she or someone else mentioned Simbu trying to take pics of Jo while she was undressing on his camera phone. I dunno, but I wouldn't be suprised if something along those lines had happened.

I found myself liking Simbu in spite of the comments people have made about him. I find him entertaining and fascinating in his own unique way. It must be the psychology major in me ;)