Monday, October 19, 2009

Kanthaswamy(2009), part trois.

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I watched about 80% of this movie over the weekend. As a whole, I didn't like it, but there were some bits and pieces--nearly all of them involving Shriya--that I liked. I wish I could remove those scenes and use them to create a shorter, offbeat, more enjoyable flick.

All I want for Christmas is for the Ayngaran version to be completely Vadivelu-free. That won't happen, of course, but still, if only his scenes had been left on the cutting room floor. The separate comedy track really needs to die a swift death.

Shriya was the best thing about Kanthaswamy. I'm biased, naturally, because I like her and think she's hot. Her face and body looked good. I loved her short, flippy hairdo; it suited her character, as did the deeper-sounding dubbed voice. It took a while to get used to, though.

I'm torn between kind of liking Vikram in that rooster getup and thinking he looked like a character from a MAD TV skit. I can handle a bat, a spider, and a angry green giant as superheroes, but a rooster? Hmmmm...I don't know.

"Meow, Meow" and "Excuse Me, Mr. Kanthaswamy" were my favorite tracks. "Allegra, Allegra" was okay, but it reminded me of that annoying "Whenever, Whatever" song by Shakira.

I will try to rewatch it and, if I feel like it, include additional thoughts. In the meantime, I plan to cap the scenes I liked best and post them either later tonight or sometime...whenever.

ETA: Here they are. In the interest of saving time, as well as my index finger, I refrained from making as many caps as I would've liked. I should just create a mini-movie of my favorite scenes, but I'm too lazy. the "read more" link(down, at the left) to see the caps.

Before you accuse someone of trying to molest you, first make sure there aren't any cameras around:


"I'm sorry."

I prefer the deleted scene in the 8 minute trailer where Shriya, wearing the slinky black dress below, holds a knife to Vikram's throat and tries to make him say "I love you", but this isn't too bad ;)

This is the only decent cap I could get from the part in "Meow, Meow" where Shriya crawls on the floor beside Vikram:

I really like this scene:

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