Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Short takes, pt.15.

Or, "Look what I received from Induna today!"

I'm addicted to ordering from Induna. If my blog attracted several hundred unique visitors per week, I'd sign up for their affliate program. Anyway...

Dekha Pyar Tumhara(1985) - I thought, "What the hell?" Even though I'm not really a fan of Kamal's Hindi movies, I find myself wanting to collect as many of them as I can find, just because.

Gateway of India(1957) - I have no idea what this is about. I got it because of Madhubala, even though I wasn't really feeling her looks in this song.

Kal Hamara Hai(1959) - I did a half-assed post here. Madhubala in a double role, that's all I know.

Masterji(1985) - Rajesh Khanna kinda annoys me, but Sridevi AND Anita Raj in the same movie? Okay. I thought I would try to watch the Telugu original first but again, "What the hell?"

Naata(1955) - No clue, but Madhubala, y'know, so...

Qaid(1975) - I saw some screencaps posted in the Leena Chandavarkar thread on Indomania and thought she looked good, so I tried to hunt it down, but Nehaflix didn't carry the DVD at the time, and I hadn't yet discovered Induna, so I forgot about it until last Friday, when I was searching for films to buy. According to Nehaflix, "A girl's evil uncle plots against her in order to steal her inheiritance". Sounds good to me. I hope it's entertaining, even if it's in a unintentionally hilarious way.

What should I get during my next visit to Induna? I would like to check out more Bengali flicks, but I don't know where to start. I guess I could get Sab Choritra Kalponik, and/or maybe Neel Nirjane. Aainaate, Swapner Din, Amanush, Nirjan Saikate, Antaheen, and Kaalpurush are other possibilities. I'll have to keep those titles in mind.


MinaiMinai said...

I just made a big order with Induna, too! For rec's: I ordered the Bengali film Cross Connection which just came out and has good reviews (I just love these youth-oriented films West Bengal keeps churning out), and I also ordered Chander Bari to see some more Rituparna Sengupta (she's such a huge star there) and Abar Aranye to see some Tabu do a Bengali film. On your list, I would NOT recommend Neel Nirjane- I thought it was painfully bad. Antaheen is excellent for the look and music. Swapner Din I am still working on my review of- I thought it was excellent- very low-key, art-house style, a bit sad. It was so interesting I still can't quite formulate what I thought of it. I ordered Sab Choritra Kalponik too! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Bengali films. :)

lapetitediva said...

Thanks for the recs. I will add them to my list :)