Thursday, February 25, 2010

TPP: Kamal Hassan

I think he's still a nice-looking man, in spite of his tendency to look bloated and/or aged, but I prefer the late seventies/early eighties version of Kamal sir. Had I been in the movie biz around that time, I'm sure I would've been yet another notch on his stump of a bedpost. **ahem**

The first set of caps are from his "kissing" scenes with Rati Agnihotri in Ullasa Paravaigal, the second set are gratuitous shots of his chest and legs in Tik...Tik...Tik.


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filmizest said...

haha, nice, there is no lack of kissing scenes in Kamal films.

Recently watched his Nizhal Nijamakirathu, he looks and acts like a dream.

He certainly had much better looks than his contemporaries like Mohanlal, mammooty in the 70's/80's and definitely still good looking now.

lapetitediva said...

I thought Mammootty looked "mature" back in the day, but it worked out in the end because now, he looks the same as he did 20 years ago :) I'm not ashamed to admit that I find him hot ;)

MinaiMinai said...

I find retro Kamal very sexy as well, yet I've yet to delve into his older films much (aside from Saagar and watching his fabulous cheesy dances on YouTube). *Puts Nizhal Nijamakirathu on wishlist*