Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Luck(2008)

If you've seen the Lindsay Lohan starrer Just My Luck then you've already watched it's Hindi counterpart. Same story, different actors. Sayali Bhagat is Saba Sharma, an ad exec who's incredibly lucky. Aryeman/Aryamaan is Vicky Varma, a struggling musician who's cursed with bad luck. The two meet at a party and exchange a kiss that reverses their fortunes. Vicky saves music baron Tarun Chopra(Lucky Ali) from getting hit by a car, and Tarun signs Vicky's band to a deal. Saba gets thrown in jail, and loses both her job and her apartment. She goes on a quest to find the guy she kissed so that she can get her luck back. It's not an easy task, however, because he wore a mask, so she doesn't know what he looks like. But she remembers the chain he wore around his neck.

She meets Vicky again, not knowing he's the guy she kissed, and they soon fall in love. But when she realizes he's the one who stole her luck, she plots to take it back. Does she succeed? Will true love prevail in spite of her selfishness? Would anyone be suprised if I said, "Yes, she succeeds, but feels guilty, so she gives back the good luck kiss to help his band succeed"? No? Didn't think so. (And if you were spoiled, I'm sorry, but I thought the conclusion was obvious.)

Sayali was pretty and did a decent job. She's the sole reason I watched this. I liked her in The Train and wanted to see her onscreen again. Aryeman was okay, but looked hotter when he was wearing glasses or that mask. Ranvir Shorey was hilarious as a smooth-talking gigolo. Nazeen Patel, the woman who played Saba's boss, was awful. She spoke her lines in such a stiff, affected manner that she sounded as if she were either constipated or reading from cue cards.

And now, the REAL reason for this post: SCREENCAPS! Click the "read more" link for visuals.

From the "Nazar Mein Hai Koi Chehra" song at the party where Saba and Vicky first meet. (It's my favorite track, btw.)

Saba gets some inspiration from a Shree 420 poster.

Only to be foiled by Vicky's good luck.

She tries again.

And fails.

Finally, she succeeds. But first, some mood music in the form of "Main Sajda"(edited version only, I couldn't find the full version).

It kinda looks like a Calvin Klein commercial, but in color, and with brown people. (Aside: Has Calvin ever had any non-white models in his ads? I recall Jenny Shimizu, but that's it.)

25 bonus points to anyone who can correctly guess why I like these two caps:

Mission accomplished.

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