Thursday, February 25, 2010

Former SLO: Nisha Kothari

Last night, I watched Madhyanam Hatya(later remade in Hindi as My Wife's Murder) and sort of fell in love with her again. I used to be somewhat obsessed with her; not in a stalkerish way, but in a "I wish I were a cute, young plaything 'muse' of a 'maverick' film director obsessed with my legs and butt, too!" way. And she was a Sridevi fan, which automatically added 25 bonus points to her kitty. I've since moved on but I still think she's cute, and maybe someday I'll watch RGV Ki Aag, just to see if it's really as bad as critics have claimed. Raaj the Showman is another possibility, even though I find Puneet Rajkumar rather unappealing.

I found these caps on the internet a while back. They're from the "Chadti Jawani" remix video she did with Negar Khan and another model whose name I don't know.

Seven more behind the cut:

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