Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Scattered thoughts, based on last Saturday's viewing:

1. This movie is LONG. I put it in the DVD player at a little after 5 PM and by 7:30 it was still playing. "This is like the Energizer bunny," I thought. "It just keeps going, and going, and going."

2. Some of Allu Arjun's mannerisms and facial expressions reminded me of Simbu, and not in a good way. But perhaps I've watched Simbu's movies so often that I "see" him in every dancing, fighting, OTT chocolate hero.

3. Hansika Motwani didn't annoy me. In fact, I actually--**gasp**--liked her. And she didn't look a day over 17. Must've been the makeup, or lack thereof.

4. The Bala-Vaishali storyline was similiar to Paap.

5. I don't know what this movie is about. I wasn't really paying attention. There were so many things happening that I lost focus, as well as interest. But that's okay, because I'm sure that a few months from now, I'll return to this post with at least one "ETA".

6. I recognized one of the actors as the guy who was engaged to Laila before Ajith killed him in Paramasivan. He was the one who got fresh with Hansika when she was begging in the market.

7. Rambha's item number was near the end, which was kinda disappointing. I hoped it would be at the beginning.

8. The bits of this movie that managed to sink into my brain made me like Allu Arjun enough to purchase Paragu(got it today), and I'm thinking about getting Bunny, even though I find the heroine rather unappealing.


filmizest said...

My least favourite allu arjun movie. Made no sense and Hansika is just ok as usual.

Parugu, I recommend more than Bunny. I liked it, more so on second watch. Arjun is so watchable in most films, story be

Louella said...

I dislike him, Desamuduru was a complete disaster. Even music was bad.

To cheer up -

MinaiMinai said...

Yah, I didn't pay attention to the plot in this film either. :) Though I'm surprised not to see a mentioned of the song Manasuley in your review! That was my fangirl-conversion song. :)

I also agree that Bunny is stupid. If you think Desamuduru is bad...

lapetitediva said...

filmizest, I tried to watch Paragu, but found it boring. I'll have to return to that one at a later date and see if I feel differently.

louella - Thank you for the lovely picture of Rambha!

MinaiMinai - All of the songs kinda ran together, to tell the truth.

I actually liked what I saw of Bunny(got it yesterday in the mail). It was dumb, but easier to sit through than Paragu.