Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kal Hamara Hai(1959)

I haven't watched this, but I'd like to, based on the brief description from Madhubala's Wiki page: "...she was memorable in a double role in the social film Kal Hamara Hai(1959). Madhubala played the cigarette smoking dancer Bella, and her more conventional saintly sister Madhu..." It's available from India Weekly, but I want to first see if the two movies(Mahal and Nirala) I ordered last week will actually play before I buy anything else from that site. I usually try to avoid getting movies from India Weekly, but I didn't see either of those DVDs listed on Nehaflix(until today, when I searched for the titles instead of just Madhubala's name. D'uh!)

I've been aware of Madhubala, but I never felt moved to check out any of her films until I saw some screen caps from, I believe, Tarana in someone else's blog. While I'm still not convinced of her "most beautiful woman in Indian cinema" tag, I thought she was pretty and telegenic enough to buy five of her movies, including the two I mentioned above. **grin** Hopefully, Kal Hamara Hai will be nĂºmero seis and by then, I should have my fill of Madhubala.

Here are some Kal Hamara Hai songs I found on YouTube:

Aa Aa Meri Taal Pe

Ye Sach Hai Aae Jahan Walo

Aaj Apna Ho Na Ho Par

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