Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kala Pani(1958)

Brief, mostly shallow thoughts, for now:

Dev Anand looks suprisingly handsome. I say "suprisingly" because until today, my only exposure to him was during his middle-aged and over years. To say I wasn't impressed would be an understatement. In this movie, however, I am impressed. I thought I would pay only scant attention to him and focus mainly on Madhubala, but they've both received equal amounts of intense eyeballing.

Madhubala reminds me of another Hindi actress(no, not Madhuri) whose name escapes me, as well as a Hollywood actress from around the same time period(Ava Gardner, perhaps?). She is extremely telegenic, and I don't blame Dev's character for looking dumbstruck when he sees her face for the first time. "I want a beautiful file--I want an old file from your office," he stammers. I'm almost tempted to cap that scene and post it, because words just don't do it justice.

As for the movie, it's good. I like what I've viewed so far. At first, I was afraid the disc wouldn't work because it was so scratched up(it came loose while in transit), but thankfully, it plays fine. **breathes a sigh of relief**

I'll post additional blather later.

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