Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This post has been in "draft" mode for several days and I'm anxious to set it free. Since I have writer's block at the moment, I will make a(n admittedly lame) bulleted list in lieu of an actual entry:

  • Ajith plays a dual role as identical twin brothers, Shiva and Deva. Deva, the oldest, is also deaf and mute.

  • They are both attracted to the same woman, Priya(Simran), but Shiva is the one who eventually marries her, and that makes Deva angry and jealous.

  • Deva continues to secretly and then not-so-secretly lust after Priya.

  • When Priya realizes what Deva is up to, she tries to tell Shiva, but he doesn't believe her.

  • Finally, Shiva comes to know of Deva's intentions.

  • Jyothika has a small role as Sona, Shiva's make-believe former flame.

  • The songs are excellent. I love the picturisation of "Vaanil Kaayuthae" because Simran looks so amazingly, unbelievably hot.

  • This was later remade in Hindi as Sheesha - Some Mirrors Lie with Neha Dhupia and Sonu Sood.

I'd like to elaborate further, because I really like this movie, but my brain refuses to work. Supposedly, the cure for writer's block is to write, but that isn't working for me so far.

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