Thursday, January 28, 2010

TPP: A Madhubala moment

Just four caps from disc 1 of Police:

But sometimes, less is more, especially when the picture quality is crap. However, to be fair, I was warned beforehand:

Isn't that cute? It reminds me of
YRF's "nostalgic appeal" BS

Madhubala has become my current onscreen crush. I have an urge to order every available movie of hers from Induna, but I won't. I will exercise self-control. For now.

Speaking of Induna, Nehaflix has almost become a distant memory. I don't bother checking their site or saving their emails with the 10% discount code anymore. (I still say they could/should offer their most loyal customers a 20% off coupon once or twice a year.) If only Induna carried Tamil DVDs and/or VCDs; that way, I wouldn't have to rely on just Anytamil and Bhavani.

Anyway...I intend to start posting again either next month or shortly after my annual 21st birthday(March 2, if you wanna know). Seeing other bloggers' frequent updates has sort of inspired me to get back into the habit.


MinaiMinai said...

I love Madhubala too. She and Nutan are so lovely! Nice screencaps.

And I was so surprised to see the "cooperate with us" title screencap- I saw this on one of my old DVDs too and thought it was hilarious. What else would I have done? Been uncooperative? :D

ajnabi said...

Basically, I think the "please cooperate with us" is code for "please don't expect us to do anything in return for your money except send you the print as is, with no improvements or clean-up." I love Madhubala too; it'd be nice to see her de-fuzzified but I'll take what I can get. :-)