Monday, January 4, 2010

Short takes, pt. 14.

Or, "What did I order from Induna today?"

Jiban Maran(1939) - Hit "add to cart" on a whim since it was from the 30s, and the plot sounds like the kind of melodramatic pap I usually enjoy.

Kaun? Kaisey?(1983) - I sort of blogged about it here.

Bahu Ki Awaaz(1985) - A film about dowry deaths. IIRC, the movie poster for this was shown briefly during a documentary about bride burning that I watched in college.

Zulm Ka Badla(1985) - The plot sounds female-oriented, and Anita Raj looks very pretty in this song so I thought, "What the hell?"

Anokha Andaaz(1995) - This used to be aired pretty frequently on what was then known as the International Channel. (The name was later changed to AZN. Don't know what it's called now since I no longer get that channel.) Manisha Koirala is absolutely gorgeous in this flick. I've wanted a copy of this film for ages.

I passed on: Sab Choritra Kalponik(I was curious to see Bipasha Basu in a Bengali movie, but decided to hold off for now); Clerk(from what I've read, it's a hot mess, and not in a good way); Prem Qaidi(I decided I didn't want to see Lolo's debut that badly); Dil Ka Sathi Dil(dubbed Hindi version of Madanolsavam. I'd rather have the original); Dekha Pyar Tumhara(maybe later); Masterji(I'd rather watch the original Telugu version--I forget the title--first); Dulari(it sounded like something I might want to watch, but I was afraid it would just end up collecting dust. Maybe next time).

ETA 01/05/10: Thanks to my sudden renewed interest in Madhubala, I ordered three more movies, including Dulari. The other two are Rail Ka Dibba and Singaar. I wanted Tarana as well, but it's out of stock.

Now that I think about it, I should've checked for Neel Kamal--well, I just did, and it's not listed. I found three songs on YouTube, though: "Kal Jamuna Tat Par", "Bhool Jathe Hain", and "Jawani Agar Haae".

ETA 01/21/10: I found Shammi Kapoor so appealing(in spite of the pencil-thin moustache) in Rail Ka Dibba that I ordered An Evening in Paris. As an added bonus, Sharmila Tagore dons a bikini--yay!

I also got Police, starring Madhubala. I thought she looked great in the YouTube vids on this site(scroll down to the "Chale Hum Kahan..." video), so I "had" to get it, just as I "had" to get Ek Saal after skimming this review. I've changed my stance on Madhubala. Before, I thought she was "pretty, but not all that", but now I think she was damn gorgeous. Maybe I should've gotten Badal as well. Perhaps I'll order it when/if Tarana becomes available.

Last, but not least, Teesra Kinara, "a drama packed romantic story that revolves around the love triangle of three persons", according to this site. Raj Babbar gives me the creeps, but Anita Raj is in it, as well as Smita Patil, so I figure it won't be that bad.

I wish Induna carried Tamil films so that I would have a (hopefully) cheaper alternative to Bhavani and Anytamil.

ETA 01/27/10: Got my stuff yesterday. I'm so glad I finally ordered from Induna. Again, if they carried Tamil DVDs and/or VCDs, a miniscule part of my life would be complete.

Watched Zulm Ki Badla this past Saturday. Not bad, and Anita was featured rather prominently. She and Sridevi look great in black. In fact, I was reminded of Sri in Sherni as soon as I spotted Anita in her black get-up.

Bahu Ki Awaaz is very heavy. Watching Swaroop Sampat getting tortured was not fun. I realize it's a "social drama" and all, but still...the older I get, the more lightweight I prefer my viewing and reading material to be.

Jiban Maran was a not-bad viewing experience. I felt ridiculously thrilled to be viewing a film from 1939.

Kaun? Kaisey? was pretty awesome in a "sourced-from-VHS-god-I-love-the-80s" sort of way. Didn't really pay attention to the plot, just enjoyed looking at Anita Raj and watching Mithun(not a fan, but I think he has a larger-than-life screen presence that's interesting to watch). Will have to give it another viewing soon.

ETA 01/28/10: After one viewing of Police I've decided that I'm in love with Madhubala and that I "have" to order ALL of her movies. I probably won't do that, but I certainly feel like it, just so I can see MOAR of her.

And Sharmila Tagore? From the second she appeared onscreen in An Evening in Paris the following line from the song "Venus" popped into my head: "She's got it, yeah baby, she's got it!" Her daughter Soha, however, does NOT have it. Saif might have it, but I think I'm feeling kindly towards him just because he's with Kareena. Anyway...I must do a write-up on An Evening in Paris once I've watched it properly.

P.S. I ordered Vamsi and Desamuduru and hopefully, I'll do posts for those films as well. I've gotten so used to not blogging, but maybe I should get back into the habit, just to keep what's left of my brain active.

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piyaara said...

Yes, I've only recently jumped on the 'Induna-bandwagon' and, am glad I did.

Very cheap, some films that only they seem to have on DVD and, less than a week to arrive.

They even had the two DVDs wrapped up in a film-poster.