Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I kinda wish Adhikesevan(Suresh Gopi) had taken out Dheena(Ajith) at the exact moment he refused to go after Chitra(Laila) and her family, 'cuz that would've been a totally unexpected and rather awesome--if abrupt--way to end the movie.

Overall, this was an okay flick. The brother vs. brother storyline sounded more intriguing than it really was. However, I knew better than to expect a real showdown(i.e. one or both brothers getting killed).

The sister's(Divya) death scene felt like a PSA for complying with your family's wishes when it comes to matrimonial matters: "Don't elope, because you WILL get in a car accident, and DIE!" Seriously. That's what came to mind as I watched it.

I bought this mainly for the Ajith-Laila duo. I liked them in Paramasivan, I liked their song in Thirupathi, and I liked them in this film as well. Laila mistaking Ajith for a bus conductor, then a vegetable seller was cute, as was her calling Ajith's house pretending to be Pepsi Uma. I found the "yellow overkill at the bus stop" scene humorous, particularly when Ajith refrained from beating up the guys who teased her because he thought she wasn't interested in being with a rowdy. And this part appealed to my mushy-gushy side:

It was swell how she conveniently forgot her keys so that she could go back and notice the card that Ajith just as conveniently left behind.

The songs were nice, especially "Vathikkuchi Pathikkaathuda" and "Sollamal Thottu Chellum". My only quibble with "En Nenjil" is that it looks like it was shot a few years ago for another film and used in this one to stretch the running time.

Nagma in "Vathikkuchi Pathikkaathuda":

I love her face!

From "Kadhal Website":

More eyeliner than you can shake a makeup case at

One day, just for shits and giggles, I'm going
to do a "Ajith and Waists" post

This reminds me of a photoshoot
from ANTM 3. Really.

From "Sollamal Thottu Chellum":

A few more caps:

Laila, so cute!

Product placement


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