Friday, August 21, 2009

Endrendrum Kaadhal(1999)

"Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." But in this movie, not only do they meet, they also marry. (Quelle suprise!)

I loveloveLOVE Rambha. I had to stop myself from making too many caps of her.

Rambha so cute! I think she looks like a hybrid
of Britney Spears, Sridevi, and Divya Bharati

I am slowly falling in love with the 90s version of Vijay

Never pass up the opportunity to lecture a complete
stranger on how to be a proper Indian woman

"Oh, wow! What a great guy!"
"I know, right?"

"So what if we aren't married? You sleep on one
side of the bed and I sleep on the other!"

My favorite scene:

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

I should iconize this.


W. Lotus said...

I'm hoping you are the same blogger I used to follow on LJ. I've lost your email address! If you are the same person and wouldn't mind getting back in touch, please email me at If not, please pardon my intrusion.

lapetitediva said...

Yes, I am, and no, I don't mind getting back in touch :)