Friday, August 21, 2009

Pudhiya Geethai(2003)

***SPOILER ALERT***: I'm mad that Sarathy(Vijay) didn't die at age 27 as the astrologer predicted in the beginning of the film. Yeah, I should've known better, this being a Vijay movie and all but still, I sat through the entire thing just to see how he would meet his maker, only to have a "If we all clap our hands really hard, Tinkerbell will live!"**-type moment near the end. "Even death can change its plans for a good man"? Um, no. I can think of one particular example in which that definitely wasn't the case, but I'm digressing. Anyway...

I got this solely because of Amisha Patel. I'm not a fan, but for some reason, I really like her. I think it's her unconventional looks that attract me. She didn't have much of a role, though. Neither did Meera Jasmine. But they were both cute, as was Vijay. In fact, Vijay was so cute I wish I had enjoyed this flick more. Perhaps if his character hadn't been so upstanding and perfect, and successful at everything, I would've found his "live life to the fullest" message easier to swallow. I figure, it's not that much of a struggle to enjoy life when things are going well. It's when you can remain somewhat positive and upbeat in spite of facing adversity on a regular basis that--oh, never mind. I was never good at waxing philosophical.

Maybe this film will grow on me after repeat viewings. I would hate to have wasted my money, seeing how this was strictly an impulse buy due to Amisha's presence on the DVD cover.

**Or however it goes. I didn't watch either the movie or the stage version of Peter Pan, but I heard about that particular part. IIRC, Tinkerbell died, anyway.

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