Friday, November 20, 2009


Lately, I've been in a Vijay mood, which is why I ordered Sivakasi and Pokiri in spite of not having warm fuzzies about either flick. Will I hate myself in the morning? I hope not. Anyway...

I remember hunting for this movie after reading about it on Wikipedia. At the time, Isha Koppikar was the main reason I wanted to watch it. I'm not a fan but weirdly enough, I was--and still am--curious to see her in a south flick. IIRC, anytamil had only the custom VCD listed, and I was hesitant to shell out $20(which is kind of silly, considering that I've paid nearly that much for some Tamil DVDs). Today, I noticed that it's on a 2-in-1 DVD that may or may not be in stock. I'll take a chance and order it. If it's not available, I might end up walking to the post office to pick up an envelope from Malaysia(unless the mail carrier sticks it in my mailbox, like he/she has done the past few times, bless his/her heart.)

A couple of songs I found on YouTube: "Manasey Manasey" and "Anbe".

Unrelated to this post but still related to Vijay: Love Today and/or Minsara Kanna might be possibilities. I coulda/shoulda gotten the 2-in-1 with Rajavin Parvaiyile, but I didn't wanna pay $11.99. Next time I see it, I'll buy it. (And later curse my luck when I see that the price has been reduced.)


MinaiMinai said...

Have you ever ordered one of those "custom VCDs" from AnyTamil like the one you mentioned in your post? There are some custom VCD titles I've been dying to buy, but I'm suspicious that they just take an old VCR and copy it to a CD or something silly.

lapetitediva said...

Yes, I have several. They play fine on both my DVD player and my computer's CD/DVD drive. They're shipped via airmail from Columbia Films in Malaysia, and it usually takes up to two weeks for them to make the VCD and send it to you. And yes, they are copied from VHS onto a CD-R. I don't mind because otherwise, I would be SOL when it comes to watching a lot of older titles that aren't commercially available on DVD or VCD.