Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NFR: Mallika Sherawat

Per Bollywood Hungama, Mallika Sherawat 'tweets' at Twitter's Head Quarters at San Francisco.

I've always assumed that most of the celebrities on Twitter are imposters, but these pics prove it really is her--or her rep--posting those Tweets.

She looks great, BTW. I'd love to swap places with her for a day or four.


Nicki said...

Oh yeah, it is her. Even Filmfare confirmed it was her.

Besides Mallika, the other Indian celebs on Twitter are Priyanka, Gul, and Ayesha.

ajnabi said...

And the guy who did Chameli, I just found out. I like following Priyanka, she's sweet (on Twitter anyway, not like I know her).