Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm sick of seeing "draft" beside this entry so I'll sum it up thusly: Ajith plays twin brothers Jeeva and Guru who are separated as young boys after Guru witnesses their father's murder. In an effort to protect him, their mother sends Guru to live abroad, but he escapes and grows up to be a feared rowdy in the fishing town of Tuticorin, while Jeeva becomes an instructor at a driving school in Chennai. When Jeeva goes to Tuticorin to retrieve a car that was stolen by one of the instructors, he is mistaken for Guru, which leads to Guru finding out and swapping places with Jeeva so that he can go to Chennai and take revenge on his mother, and leave his brother behind to get killed by Samudrakani, the town's senior don. Do things go according to Guru's plan? Of course not.

I would describe this as "a very average movie", but borderline stan that I am, I compulsively rewatched it, anyway. Ajith looked like "a fat mafia dude"(TM a YouTube commenter) most of the time, particularly in the "Nachendru Inchendru" song, but I didn't really mind. I wasn't feeling Pooja's looks in Ullam Ketkume but in this movie, I found her so appealing that for a while, I was seriously tempted to impulse buy a few more of her films.

Here are the few somewhat decent caps I made of Pooja. They don't do her justice; she was much prettier in the film:

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