Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha(1997)

I came across these caps while going through my Photobucket album. It's been ages since I've watched it, and I remember only bits and pieces: Rishi Kapoor pretends to be a psych patient obsessed with his lost love, Madhu, who looks exactly like Sridevi. He breaks into her house one night, threatening her with a knife, she sedates him by mixing sleeping pills into the glass of water she gives him. Rishi's father wants Sridevi to pretend to be Madhu and after some hesitation, she agrees. It turns out the whole thing was a ploy to trap Sridevi into confessing to a crime she committed a while back, she accidentally killed some guy, some big muckety-muck, I think. She goes to jail. Rishi helps her to escape. They're on the run. There's also a conspiracy to murder a politician or something. And Sridevi's greedy...assistant? wants to kill her, and imagines doing so at the beginning of the movie.

When someone asked me if this was any good I replied, "I would describe it as 'watchably bad', but only if you're a die-hard Sridevi fan." And she was, so if she ever sees this film, she might like it.

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