Monday, July 13, 2009

Jaan Tere Naam(1992)

I wish this DVD were part of Nehaflix's $5 sale. While I'm in love with Farheen's resemblance to Madhuri Dixit, I'm not in love with the possibility that I will watch this only once and forget about it, thus not getting my $10 + s&h worth. If only I could find it online so that I'd have a better idea of whether or not I should buy it.

Songs on YouTube: "Kal College Band Ho Jayega", "Romance Ka Bhi Ek Lecture", "Maine Yeh Dil Tumko Diya", "Rone Na Deejiyega", "First Time Dekha Tumhe Love Hogaya", "Hum Laakh Chupaye Pyar Magar", "Ek Mahine Ki Hi Baat".

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