Monday, September 29, 2008


I think Simbu is cute, but what's up with all the white girls? You rarely see women of color in these song numbers. (I'm referring to the "Loose Penne" song, BTW.)

It's funny, because I initially bought this movie(well, the dubbed Telugu version first, because it was cheaper) for Nayantara and somehow ended up becoming a Simbu fan after one viewing.

I think Simbu and Nayan made a good couple. I don't know why he treated her so badly.

ETA 01/22/10: When I read the plot summary, I thought Reema Sen was the "older woman" because she looked about 30 to me. Turns out it was Nayantara's character, and by only three years. What a bummer. This movie had potential but fell apart thanks to Simbu's relentless mugging and Reema's over-acting, particularly at the end. Sandhya had no real reason to be there. While I liked parts of Vallavan, this is my least favorite of Simbu's vanity projects.

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