Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monisha En Monalisa(1999)

Custom VCD that came on three discs because it's nearly three hours long.

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just awful, but after repeated viewings, it grew on me, like mold, and now I would describe it as "watchably bad". However, I definitely don't recommend it unless you're TRULY a die-hard fan of Mumtaj.

The main reason I got it is because I wanted to see the "Monisha, Monisha" song performed by Simbu. I saw a brief snippet of it during the opening credits of Kadhal Azhivathilai and correctly guessed it to be from Monisha En Monalisa. I still can't decide if it's just "bad" or "awesomely bad". If I weren't so lazy, I'd pop the disc into my computer and make screen caps, but for now I'll just type, "Simbu, his little brother, and some backup dancers, in space--or rather, in front of a blue screen with 80s type computer graphics and such." If I didn't have to worry about getting flagged again for copyright violation, I'd upload it to YouTube.

Moving along...I thought Mumtaj looked suprisingly pretty. I say "suprisingly" because normally, I think she looks a bit sleazy. Nothing wrong with a little sleaze every now and then, but I'm talking about the kind of sleaze that clings to your skin and won't let go. Anyway, I thought she looked good, and did an okay job in the acting department.

The rest of the cast is just...there. With the exception of T.Rajendar and Vadivelu, I forgot about them as soon as the movie was over. The only reason I remember T.Rajendar and Vadivelu is because the former is Simbu's dad, and the latter I recognized from his other screen appearances.

I had like, no expectations for this movie, so I wasn't disappointed. And I liked the ending. I found it more darkly humorous(and kinda gross) than sad.

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