Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yet another impulse buy. I got it mainly because of my crush on Ileana, and I also like the way Siddarth looked in the movie. I prefer him with longer hair.

The movie is very cute and candy-colored, and Munna reminds me of someone, but I can't think of who. (It seems like some actor/actress is always reminding me of someone whose name/face I can't recall.) Ileana appears slimmer than usual--at least compared to how I remember her body(specifically, the lower half) in Devdas and in stills from a song in Pokiri. I think it's the way her clothes are styled, and/or the camera angles. Regardless, I like her figure because it's similar to mine, and whenever I see her, I feel a little less bad about being pear-shaped.

Anyway, I think she did a good job, although most of the credit should go to the dubbing artist, since Ileana can't speak Telugu. I wish more actresses could speak the language of the movie they're acting in, 'cause sometimes the dubbing artist's voice does not fit AT ALL(I'm thinking specifically of Divya Bharati in Dharma Kshetram).

Siddarth was very cute and charming. I was suprised to read that he and Ileana didn't get along on set, because I thought they had great chemistry. Apparently, he didn't think she could act, or something. I forget which site I read that on. Well, I guess she's a better actress than he gave her credit for, because I didn't sense any discomfort or annoyance on her part, and I'm usually pretty good on picking up on those kind of vibes.

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