Sunday, May 9, 2010

TPP: Galatta Cinema E-Zine

The image quality isn't the greatest, but "Go, me!" for figuring out how to do the "copy to clipboard" thing.

Sana Khan - April 2010 issue

More of Sana and others behind the cut:

Lekha Washington - April 2009 G3 supplement & January 2010 issue

A couple of pages I saved from the January 2010 issue because they featured Shriya and Varalaxmi, Sarathkumar's daugher, and Simbu's heroine in the upcoming Podaa Podi.


ajnabi said...

Varalaxmi's really cute! I love picspam. Oh, and your blog's new layout is really nice too.

Skayrkro said...

Lekha made me very hard just now.

I am serious.

I'm going to have to borrow that magazine image of her to put on my own blog and look up some more images of her.

Thanks for bringing her sexiness to me attention!


rehan khan said...

sana khan made my day .she is the most beautiful women i have ever seen in this world,she is outstanding, she is out of this world,ilove sana khan very much love u jaan muuaaaaah