Thursday, December 17, 2009

TPP: Asin and Simbu

A few promotional stills(I think) for their aborted project, Aezhumazhai vs Chitra. Too bad the movie never got filmed. They would've made an interesting pair.

An interview they did back in 2005.


MinaiMinai said...

Simbu makes me giggle- he's so hairy and goofy and his films are silly. One viewing of "Where is the Party" from Silambattam and I was scarred for life. It's quite hard for me to imagine the elegant Asin romancing him! :D

lapetitediva said...

I find Simbu appealing because in some ways, his personality mirrors mine, and he also reminds me of the type of guy I'm usually drawn to.

Yeah, his films are silly, but like some of Vijay's movies, they tend to work for me because I already know not to expect anything original or particularly great. I don't have to think or pay close attention, and given my often short attention span, that's fine with me :)

MinaiMinai said...

Do you have any Simbu films you recommend?