Monday, September 20, 2010

SFR: Sridevi

At the South Scope Cine Awards 2010. I wish there had been more pictures of Sri. Her presence makes everything better.

Aside: Can Ram Cheran get any more plastic-looking? For some reason, I can handle the plastic look on women better than I can on men. I think it's because I prefer my men a little more rugged-looking. I don't want a man who resembles a department store mannequin.

ETA: From my fingers to Idlebrain's ears, MOAR pictures of Sridevi:

10 more behind the jump:

Additional images here. I'm glad that Idlebrain was nice enough to give me what I wanted. Sometimes I feel so alone in my Sri love. (Not that I mind, actually, it's just that I don't have the clout to shove her in people's faces as often as I'd like.)

ETA 09/21/10: A few more pics of Sri doing what she does best: making everyone else seem irrelevant.

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Louella said...

Totally agree with on on RCT. He would be another Varun Sandesh without his family backing.